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Product Details

Product name: Pillow Plumka Theraflex
Category: Pillows
Densitiy: Soft or Medium
Dimensions: 50 x 70 cm
Filling: Latex

Brand: Plumka | Model: Theraflex | Reviews | Sold by: Sit&Sleep

Plumka® | Theraflex Pillow (Soft/Medium)

The high-tech ergonomic pillow THERAFLEX is an excellent pillow. The core is made of latex and has different comfortzones. The Theraflex pillow is known for its particuarly soft feeling.

Thanks to the superior latex core the pillow has the following important properties. The pillow is elastic and supple, provides resilient support, and ventilates optimally due to the multiple longitudinal grooves on the bottom.

The different comfort zones make the pillow suitable for side and back sleepers. Thanks to the zones you get a perfect support of your cervical vertebrae regardless of your sleeping position. The middle part is softer and emphasizes the support of the cervical vertebrae.

Advantages of the Plumka® Theraflex pillow:
Ensures a better night's sleep
Prevents neck pain, back pain and headaches
Ergonomic design
Latex that molds to the body
Stays cool all night
Suitable for side and back sleepers

Which Plumka Theraflex pillow to choose? Soft or Medium? 

  • Soft - usually recommended for women
  • Medium - usually recommended for men

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Additional Information

  • Shape: rectangular with softer head section + heightened neck section
  • Material kern: latex
  • Material cover: 39% Tencel (Lyocell) (great moisture absorbency and fast drying)
  • Cover: detachable and washable at 40°C
  • Finish with inner stitching and zipper closure.


Since 1949, Plumka has been using latex foam, among other things, to manufacture pillows. All products are made in the factory in Linkebeek. So top notch Belgian quality!

ImportantThere is no trial period for the Plumka pillow. Free shipping free return, but no trial sleep. Why no trial sleep? Plumka is offered by our partner: Sit&Sleep and therefore does not fall under our own brand: Quiesco.

Our Review of the Plumka Theraflex Pillow

Theraflex Plumka

5 star review

Theraflex Plumka Kussen

The Plumka Theraflex pillow is a latex pillow of very good quality. The pillow is suitable for both back and side sleepers. The pillow is especially recommended for persons with a slightly longer neck because the neck roll is wide. For back sleepers, the Soft pillow is recommended because the occipital region of the Medium pillow is often too hard for them.

Theraflex is a very soft pillow. The softness is created by the many perforations in the latex core of the pillow. The more perforations, the softer the pillow. In addition to the vertical perforations, the pillow also has horizontal surface profiles. These notches also make the pillow feel extra soft. Compared to the Quiesco pillow, the neck support of the Theraflex gives less support.

You can sleep on both sides of the pillow. One side has the horizontal cutouts, which makes it the softest side.

The cover is made from TENCEL, sustainably-sourced wood fibre, and is also of excellent quality. As TENCEL is a natural fibre it has great absorbing power.


  • Material: 50% natural latex & 50% synthetic latex
  • Types: Available in 2 densities
  • Sleeping position: Suitable for back and side sleepers

Advantages of the Plumka Theraflex pillow

  • Very soft comfort feel
  • Good support
  • Suitable for different body types
  • Suitable for people with a long neck
  • Two-sided sleepable

Disadvantages of the Plumka Theraflex pillow

  • Not suitable for stomach sleepers
  • Not suitable for people with long heads
  • (Too) wide neck support
  • No sleep trial

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