Quiesco Latex Pillow
Quiesco Latex Pillow
Quiesco Latex Pillow
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Quiesco Latex Pillow

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Quiesco’s award-winning ergonomic pillow offers a healthy sleeping position, making it the perfect complement to a well-designed health mattress.

  • Ensures a natural spine position
  • Core made out of 100% high quality latex
  • Fits any sleeping position & body type
  • Two different neck supports

60 cm x 40 cm x 12 cm

Core: 100% latex
Inner cover: 100% cotton
Outer cover: 100% stretch

Core: not washable
Inner and outer cover: washable at 40 degrees Celsius

Sleeping position
On the side: yes
On the back: yes
On the stomach: not recommended

Warranty: 3 years
Satisfaction garantee: 100 day trial
Shipping: Free shipping
Delivery: within 5 business days

Discover the World's Most Ergonomic Pillow
7 reasons why it's different

The Quiesco pillow ensures a natural position of your spine.

The pillow's core is 100% latex.

Latex is our favorite pillow material. It is form-retaining, elastic, not sensitive to temperature or pressure, ventilating, antifungal and antibacterial.
Discover all the benefits of latex.

Smart design to fit any sleeping position.

ergonomisch hoofdkussen
  • RED : this head comfort zone is softer and allows the head to tilt to a comfortable angle while sleeping on your back.
  • BLUE : these sides are firmer and adapted for sleeping on your side. This ensures a natural position of your spine.
  • GREEN : a half-moon neck support for optimal support of the neck cavity.
  • WHITE : this thinner side of the pillow must always be on the top of the bed.

Available in 3 different densities to fit your body type.


  • for side sleepers with very light, narrow shoulders and a soft mattress
  • for back sleepers with light shoulders and a soft mattress

→ perfect match for children and very light women


  • for side sleepers with average shoulders
  • for back sleepers with average to heavy shoulders

→ perfect match for women and light men


  • for back sleepers and side sleepers with wide shoulders

→ perfect match for men

Can't decide between the Quiesco Soft, Medium or Firm pillow?

We are also happy to assist you via

Choose between two different neck supports.

Customize your feeling with the cotton inner cover.

The removable inner cover influences the feeling of the pillow.
Customize your comfort by trying the pillow with and without the inner cover.

 Softer Standard hoofdkussen kern
Do you prefer an even softer touch? Take the inner cover out of the pillow. It will surely feel softer. The standard configuration with the cotton inner cover and the outer stretch cover make the pillow feels soft and comfortable.

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Designed by
Stéphane Mannekens

Stéphane Mannekens and his colleagues have been working with Quiesco since 1995. They have made an important contribution to the (design) philosophy that underlies the success of Quiesco.