Frequently Asked Questions


How can I get in touch?

Due to the surge in demand, we are not able to handle phone calls. Please email us via

I emailed, how long until I hear back?

During this exceptional period, we are helping an unprecedented number of people creating their healthy work environment (at home), but you should receive a response within 48 hours.

Where can I see products in person?

Our products are exclusively sold online via our website

How much assembly is required?

All our chairs indeed require assembly. However, our products and packaging are designed with ease of assembly in mind. We provide assembly instructions for each model.

Assembly instructions can be found on the respective product pages of each model. This provides you an overview of the assembly process before your chair arrives.

I have a specific model and color in mind, but I couldn't find it?

Send us a message via if you are looking for a specific fabric or color. We will help you to get the chair of your dreams.

Which Quiesco pillow fits me best?

Take our quiz to help you find your perfect Quiesco pillow.


We are also happy to assist you via

What are the dimensions of the Quiesco pillow?

The measurement of the Quiesco pillow are:

  • 60 x 40 cm.
  • 23,6 x 15,7 inches.

The height on the neck support side is 12 cm. The main zone is 10 cm high.

Are the return costs fully reimbursed?

Yes, if you are located in the United Kingdom or Europe. We want to give everyone the opportunity to try the Quiesco pillow, so the shipping and return costs are completely free for you within the mentioned areas (United Kingdom or Europe).

How do I return my pillow?

Still not convinced? No problem. Send it back for free: Contact us via We will email you the return document. Thereafter, you may stick the return document on the original packaging box. You deliver the package to your post office for free. After we have received your return, we will automatically refund you the full cost price within 15 days.

I regularly have neck pain / neck complaints. Is the Quiesco pillow something for me?

Absolutely! Actually many of our customers are people who have neck complaints. Sleeping with a bad pillow can cause neck complaints. A good pillow supports your head so that it is neutral and straight while sleeping. With a good pillow, your neck will not create weird bends or corners that can cause neck complaints. Often people sleep in a wrong or neck-straining position for a long time before they get neck complaints. One of the advantages of the Quiesco pillow is that you can choose from two types of support: a subtle neck support or a clear neck support.

How do I protect my Quiesco pillow?

It is best to use a pillow protector in moltoned cotton (molton) and a pillowcase. The pillowcase is preferably made of cotton and is always sufficiently spacious. A pillowcase that is too tight limits the functioning of this pillow, making it less flexible.

Can I wash my pillow in a washing machine?

To extend the life of your pillow, we recommend that you only wash your pillow protector (molton) and pillowcase. The inner and outer cover of the pillow should only be washed in exceptional circumstances. The latex core must not be washed. Our pillow protects are washable at 60° degrees. Both molton and demolition should be washed every 14 days.

How long does it take to receive my refund?

Once we have received the return package, you will be refunded the full amount within 15 business days.

Do I get a new pillow if I want to test the pillow?

Yes, you will always receive a new pillow. Used pillows are donated or used by physiotherapists to be lent by their patients.

How is the shipment done?

In the Netherlands, PostNL and Bpost deliver WorldWide. Deliveries are not made on weekends. You will usually receive your package within 3 working days.

Bpost Worldwide delivers all of our products. Normally you will receive your order within 3 working days (not delivered on weekends).

What happens with the returned pillows?

Returned pillows are used by back schools and physio practices to have their patients tested our pillows. The return percentage of Quiesco pillow is particularly low: 7%.

How do I best protect my Quiesco pillow?

We recommend to use a pillowcase and a pillow protector. By protecting the pillow you will extend the life of the pillow. Ensure that the pillowcase is large enough. A pillowcase which is too tight might limit the functioning of the pillow.

Can I wash my Quiesco pillow in the washing machine?

To extend the life of the Quiesco pillow, we recommend that you only wash the pillow protector and pillowcase in the washing machine. The inner and outer cover should only be washed when in an emergency. Important, the latex core is not washable.

You can wash the pillowcase at 60 degrees. The pillowcase is washable at 40 degrees. It is recommended to wash the pillowcase and pillow protector every 14 days.