About us

Since 2015, QUIESCO® has been challenging the widespread misinformation in the sleep, work, and health industry. Our mission is to empower individuals with reliable information and top-quality products, fostering a healthier sleep and work environment.

At Quiesco, we are more than just a brand; we are educators and advocates for well-being. Our journey began with a commitment to thoroughly understand the principles of healthy sleeping and working. Our extensive collaborations with physiotherapists, specialized back and neck schools, and hospitals have solidified our position as a leading authority in this field.

Our website is a beacon of trustworthiness, casting light on the often murky waters of the sleep-work-health industry. We meticulously curate the world's finest ergonomic solutions, ensuring that each product aligns with our high standards for health and comfort. Additionally, we've channeled our expertise into designing our own innovative products—the QUIESCO pillow, acclaimed as the most ergonomic pillow worldwide, and the QUIESCO mattress, synonymous with restorative sleep.

Quiesco sets itself apart in service by blending expert knowledge with customer care. Our team, inclusive of experienced physiotherapists, drives our solution-oriented ethos. We don't just sell products; we provide solutions to health problems like neck and back pain. Our confidence in these tailor-made solutions is reflected in our customer-friendly policies, offering free shipping and returns on our most popular solutions. This approach not only underscores our commitment to quality but also assures our customers that their choice in Quiesco is a step towards a healthier lifestyle without any risk.

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Our expert team of physiotherapists and ergonomists, with over 30 years of pioneering experience, crafts and selects top ergonomic solutions based on solid scientific research.


Our History

  • 2013: Stéphane Mannekens designs the QUIESCO pillow.
  • 2013-2015: Our local dealer network expands.
  • 2015: Shift to online for trusted sleep and work health info.
  • 2016: quiesco.be is launched in Belgium.
  • 2017: quiesco.nl is launched the Netherlands.
  • 2018: Becomes Belgium's top-rated ergonomic pillow.
  • 2019: quiesco.fr launches in France.
  • 2020: Global launch of Quiesco.com.
  • 2022: Quiesco's complete range of sleep and work solutions becomes available throughout Europe.

Mission Statement

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