About us

Since 2015, we are rebelling against the heavily misinformed sleep-work-health industry by providing trustworthy information and high quality products.

Quiesco's mission is to educate those seeking to create a better and healthier sleep and work environment. Since the beginning, we have been gathering and sharing knowledge on the principles of healthy sleeping and working. Years of client interaction, collaborations with physiotherapists, specialized back- and neck schools and hospitals have made us the leading authorithy we are today.

On our site, we provide trustworthy content with the goal to shine a bright light in the heavily misinformed sleep-work-health industry. 

We have selected the world's best ergonomic solutions to create a healthier work and sleep environment. Based on our experience, we also designed our own products: Quiesco pillow: the most ergonomic pillow in the world and the Quiesco mattress.

In terms of service, Quiesco goes beyond industry standards by providing free shipping and free return. This unique service takes away any reason not to try our premium products.



2013: Our Quiesco pillow is designed by Stéphane Mannekens in the city of Leuven, Belgium. 

2013-2015: Quiesco expanded their local dealer network.

2015: The rise of online shopping and the lack of trustworthy information on the internet on healthy sleeping and working inspired Quiesco to focus their online presence.

2016: Quiesco started their eCommerce activity in Belgium via quiesco.be.

2017: eCommerce expanded to the Netherlands via quiesco.nl.

2018: Quiesco becomes the best reviewed ergonomic pillow in Belgium. eCommerce expands to France via quiesco.fr.

2019: Quiesco.com is lauched. The world's most ergonomic pillow becomes available worldwide.

2020: Our full range of sleeping and working solutions become available online throughout Europe via quiesco.com, quiesco.fr, quiesco.be and quiesco.nl



"This is for the people who care.
Care about nature.
Care about others.
Care about themselves.
Here is to those who changed the world by caring.
We salute them.
We honor them. 
We care for them."

Quiesco - TAKE CARE