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MOLL Standing Desk

Design for life

Moll believes that design should be functional, fun and long-lasting – this belief has produced the T7 Exclusive range. Moll has reinvented the already stunning T7 and developed a timeless classic for the modern home or office. The natural attraction to the material wood is fully taken into account in the T7 exclusive’s tabletop. The colour and structure create a very special aesthetic appeal, while the natural wood radiates a pleasant and warm atmosphere to appease any environment to work and live.

The Moll Unique concept may sound simple but follows a very dedicated idea. The use of minimalist design blends with the wood material and produces a harmonious result that suits perfectly the notion of modern design, which will still be up to date in the future. The great attention to detail and the high-quality workmanship is what makes the Moll T7 Exclusive stand out and look like a desk that will be appreciated for a long time.

For the most optimal experience, a desk needs to be adjusted for the specific end user. The Moll T7 Exclusive is the only desk of its kind which can cover a height range that will be ergonomically suitable for a sitting child or a tall standing adult. The height can extend from 66 cm to 128 cm via a two-hand operation which can be locked and has an added safety feature consisting of an emergency stop if there is resistance. An additional height adapter is available to order with the desk to add an extra 10 cm; this will suit especially tall people. The built-in power management drawer with integrated power sockets provides enough space for six devices.

Electric height adjustment

Operating the Moll T7 Exclusive electric height adjustment is simple and intuitive; all it takes is a push of a button to get the table to the most comfortable position. The two-hand operation makes the T7 desk child-proof, while operations can be completely switched off or locked. The motor can also automatically switch off if the T7 feels that the resistance from an obstruction is too strong.

Perfect home office companion Have you wondered why there is no office desk that comes with a drawer?

The Moll T7 desk series is the first of its kind with an integrated drawer. The drawer has a seamless design that has a direct appearance of the table. The drawer on the T7 Exclusive can be opened with a gentle push.

Designer quality

The Moll T7 won the prestigious Red Dot Award 2016 for Product Design and was nominated for the German Design Award 2016 even before its initial release. The T7 won for its simple design, high-quality surface and high precision workmanship.v

Power management

The built-in power management system is fitted perfectly behind the desk without looking noticeable and provides a power connection directly from the desk, offering multiple sockets for up to six devices. The cable outlets allow excellent guidance of the cables from the table without creating a cluttered look. The built-in Power Management is smartly designed so that items such as the Flexlight can be conveniently attached to the desk without interference.

The Moll T7 comes pre-assembled. All it needs is to connect to an electrical outlet.


  • Width: 115 cm
  • Depth: 75 cm
  • Height: 56-118 cm

Moll – quality made in Germany

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