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HÅG Capisco Gas Lift

The gas lifts are compatible with all HÅG Capisco office chair models. If you already have a HÅG Capisco chair and find the seat height too low or too high, you have the option to buy a gas lift of the appropriate size separately.

  • Available in white, black, and silver gray.
  • 150 mm (Seat height: 408 - 540 mm).
  • 200 mm (Seat height: 470 - 655 mm).
  • 265 mm (Seat height: 530 - 790 mm).

Which Gas Lift Should I Choose?

The HÅG Capisco is the ideal seat to combine with a sit-stand desk. For most people, we recommend the standard gas lift (200 mm).

  • The low gas lift (150 mm) is recommended for people under 160 cm.
  • The standard gas lift (200 mm) is recommended for people between 160 and 185 cm.
  • The high gas lift (265 mm) is recommended for people over 185 cm.

Seat height:

  • 150 mm: 408-540 mm
  • 200 mm: 470-655 mm
  • 265 mm: 530-790 mm

How to Replace the Gas Lift of Your HAG Capisco?


HÅG Capisco

The HÅG Capisco chair stands the test of time. Inspired by the posture of horse riders, its innovative saddle-shaped seat and unique chair structure allow a wide range of sitting or semi-standing positions, encouraging you to change position. You can sit in the axis of the seat, on the side, or even backwards, as long as it's comfortable for you.

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