Our Review: Tempur Pillow

Our review of the Tempur pillow

Our Review: Tempur Pillow

You want to invest in a good pillow. Get up and start your day energetically without neck pain. This is why you are looking for a good pillow. Obviously, there are many different brands of pillows, but you probably already heard about Tempur.

Now you are wondering: Could a Tempur pillow be the right pillow for me?

Find out everything you need to know about the Tempur pillow here:

Tempur history: from the moon to your bedroom

Do you know the history of visco-elastic foam? NASA developed the material in the 1970s. The organization wanted to develop a material that relieves the pressure that astronauts feel while taking off in a rocket.

Visco-elastic foam became known to the general public in the 1980s. Companies such as Fagerdala and Dan-Foam have invested in research to perfect the material and use it for a completely different purpose: the bedroom.

This is how Tempur® saw the light of day in 1991. Thanks to a successful marketing campaign, the first mattresses of the brand were very popular among the general public.

Since then, many different brands have developed memory foam mattresses and pillows. This is not surprising considering its great success. The properties of the material are also appealing: it offers pleasant comfort and good support.

The memory-foam material Tempur

Tempur® is a visco-elastic foam. It is also often referred to as shape-memory foam or memory foam. Within the memory foam segment it is top-of-the-line.

  • The memory foam adapts to the shape, weight and temperature of your body.
  • It provides good pressure distribution and support.
  • The pillows of Tempur® have a fine exterior finish - better than various other memory foam pillow brands,
  • Finally, the Tempur® material ventilates better than lesser quality memory foam. One of the major drawbacks of memory foam is that the material tends to soak up heat and moisture.

Although Tempur is best known worldwide for its Tempur mattresses, they also offer slatted bases, duvets, mattress protectors and travel pillows.

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Everything about the Tempur pillow

Are you thinking of buying a Tempur pillow? Maybe to relieve you of your neck problems? Perhaps you are in doubt about the disadvantages of the visco-elastic material? Or because of the price? It is important to know that Tempur only offers high-quality pillows: all pillows in the series are made of the innovative Tempur material that is significantly better than traditional memory foam pillows.

We’ll guide you through the available series within the Tempur range so you could make the best possible choice. Two ranges of Tempur pillows are offered: a range of ergonomic pillows and a range of comfort pillows:

  • The ergonomic pillows have been developed for people who are looking for optimum support for the neck, head and shoulders.
  • The comfort cushions have been specifically developed for a pleasant feeling of comfort. These pillows can especially provide relief for people who are too sensitive to the pressure of an ergonomic pillow.

If you have neck or shoulder complaints, or if you are looking for a really good pillow to prevent complaints before they occur, then we do not recommend the comfort pillows. The design of these cushions has not been adjusted to provide good support. You can therefore ignore this series.

What’s left are the ergonomic pillows from Tempur. The Tempur original pillow and the Tempur Millenium pillow score best. Both pillows are slightly higher on the neck and give more room to the head.

The other "ergonomic" pillows (Tempur Symphony pillow and Tempur Sonata pillow) offer insufficient support to the cervical vertebrae, both when lying sideways and in the supine position.

The Tempur Ombracio pillow is specially designed for belly sleepers. As you probably know, sleeping on your stomach is the least good sleeping position. You make a torsion with your neck vertebrae, which causes neck problems. For that reason we would not recommend the Tempur Ombracio pillow.

If you want to purchase a Tempur pillow, we recommend that you opt for the Tempur original pillow or Tempur Millenium pillow. Take the following tips into account:

  • Make sure your neck length is approximately the same as the higher neck support zone. You must lie with your head completely across the neck support.
  • Lie on your back and experience support to the neck and comfort to your head. If you feel your head push your chin down, the pillow is too high for you. If you feel that your head is getting too much space, it will hang back and your chin will rise. In both cases, your neck and head are not supported in the correct anatomical position.
  • Now lie on your side and pull the pillow tightly against your shoulder. Try to keep your head, shoulder and pelvis aligned during the test.

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Of all the Tempur pillows, the Tempur original pillow and the Tempur Millenium pillow are our favorites. The other pillows do not offer the necessary support for a correct sleeping position and support. It is of the utmost importance that you choose a pillow that respects the natural horizontal position of your spine and neck. Only in this way can you avoid neck complaints and other physical complaints.

Tempur or Quiesco: which pillow fits me best?

Do you find it difficult to choose the right pillow? Both brands have only one goal in mind, and that is to make you sleep better.

Perhaps you can’t decide between a Tempur pillow and the Quiesco pillow.

The two pillows have a number of common features:

  • Both pillows offer good support for the neck and head. They both also have a neck roll that supports the anatomical position of the spine.
  • They are made of high quality materials. Both Quiesco and Tempur use the best materials within their niche, respectively latex and memory foam pillows.
  • The cushions are adapted to the physique.
  • They provide a very comfortable feeling.
  • The Tempur and Quiesco pillows are produced in Europe: Tempur in Denmark, and Quiesco in Belgium.

Yet there are also very important differences between the Tempur pillow and the Quiesco pillow:

The latex of the Quiesco pillow immediately provides consistent, correct support. The memory foam of the Tempur cushion needs time to mold to your head and neck. If you change your sleeping position during your sleep, the pillow always needs some time to adjust.

The support of the Quiesco pillow is not dependent on the temperature. Memory foam cushions are temperature sensitive. The Tempur pillow can feel (too) hard at cold temperatures and (too) soft during warm summer nights.

The Tempur cushion is one of the best ventilating pillows in the memory foam category. Still, the Quiesco pillow ventilates much better thanks to the open cell structure of the latex.

You can try the Quiesco pillow out for 100 days and return it for free. Tempur allows you to return the pillow unused for up to 14 days after delivery, and you pay the return costs yourself. Tempur also offers a 90-day exchange guarantee.

Quiesco Latex Pillow

5 star review

Quiesco Latex Pillow

Are you still in doubt between Tempur® and Quiesco for your sleeping pillow?