Elmosoft (Elmo)

Elmosoft is a chrome free supreme quality semi-aniline grain leather from Scandinavian cattle. It is soft and pliable with an outstanding comfort and durability. Visible insect-bites and scars from healed wounds add to the authentic quality and character of the leather.

  • Flammability: BS EN 1021: 1-2 (Cigarette & match), BS 5852 Crib 5, CA TB 117-2013, DIN 4102 -1 (B1), IMO 2010 FTP Code Part 8 (IMO652), UNI 9175, Önorm B 3825, UNI 9175
  • Light fastness: 6 (EN ISO 105-B02)
  • Rubbing: Wet 80/4 - Dry 2000/4 - Sweat 50/4 - ISO 11640
  • Finish-adhesion: ≥ 2 N/cm - ISO 11644
  • Tear-strength: ≥ 20 N/cm DIN 53329-A
  • Environmental facts: 100% free of heavy metals, tanned without using chromium salts, ISO 14001 certified company, Clean water tanning technology with biological Water Treatment Plant and 100% CO2 neutral on energy.
  • Animal Welfare: All hides are by-products from the meat and dairy industries with traceability back to the farm, Following strict regulations on animal welfare in compliance with national and international standards as those issued by the World Organization for Animal Health (6 animal welfare freedoms)
  • Produced in: Sweden
  • Cleaning: (Follow the guidelines by our supplier – www.elmoleather.com)
Dark brownEL93068